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Starbucks - Strawberries & Cream

Allow me to preface this review by stating that I hate and despise coffee with every fiber of my being. And, no, this review is not of a meal, but since my drink cost as much as a chicken sandwich, I’m reviewing it anyway.

I recently ended a late night with a visit to the Starbucks on Bayou Blvd. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve been in a Starbucks and don’t really care to up that to a two handed count any time soon. Alas, the other members of my party on that particular night love the place.

I ordered a Strawberries & Cream Frap Blended Crème with Toffee Nut on the recommendation of my sister. She assured me that there was absolutely no coffee taste to it what-so-ever and promised that I could punch her in the ear if I detected any. After paying $4 and some change and waiting long enough for little Starbucks gnomes to run to the Strawberry farm in Allentown, my blessed little pink drink was served. Sip…dramatic pause…hey, that’s actually good. Sarah’s ear is safe. It tasted exactly like Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries. Amazingly like CC w/ CB. So much like it that I thought maybe they just threw a bowl of cereal in the blender. And maybe they did, which I am cool with as long as it doesn’t taste like coffee.

The Low Down:
Coffee, Tea, Snacks
Local Favs: um, coffee
Location: every freaking corner
Open morning, noon and night
$$$ considering what you get

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I don't like coffee and my husband is actually allergic. He couldn't even walk into a Starbucks if he wanted to because the scent will give him an asthma attack. But that's not why I'm posting. I'm just questioning the point of buying a coffee that doesn't taste like coffee. Why not just get a milkshake? I know you can't do that at Starbucks and all your friends wanted to go there, but why would anyone make a special trip to a Starbucks to buy a coffee that tastes like cereal?!

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