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Buffalo & Lemon Pepper Wings at Wing Stop

Nobody likes hot wings like the ByteMonkey, so when I had the chance to visit the local the Wing Stop on Bayou Boulevard, I was excited.
When I arrived at the place, I was somewhat apprehensive. I didn't see anyone dining and I usually take this as a bad omen. Well, my worries were proved wrong when I decided that my desire for wings were greater than my concern for the lack of customers.
I was greeted at the counter by happy workers and they took my order pretty quickly. They were able to explain the different wings and sauces that they offered, but I knew what I wanted so I wasn't really paying attention that much to their sales pitch.

I decided I wanted the "10 Wing Meal" and I ordered with half "Original Hot" wings and the other half as "Lemon Pepper" wings. I ordered the lemon pepper wings because it was something I wasn't familiar with and I felt like living dangerously that day. The meal was served with a choice of dipping sauce and fresh cut seasoned fries. I got ranch for my sauce because I've lived in the South for too long and have been brainwashed into loving it.

Now, Wing Stop doesn't bake their wings like some places in town. These were deep fried and then dipped and/or seasoned to become the flavors they represent. All, I can say is that this process yields awesome results.

My hot wings came about 14 minutes after I ordered them. I know that seems like a long time, but they do cook them per order. I rather not have raw chicken wings or ones that have been sitting under a heat lamp for a while. Fresh and hot is good fro me.

The "Original Hot" wings were awesome. It was delightfully hot and crunchy. The buffalo sauce made my fingers red but I didn't care. The "Lemon Pepper" wings were also great. I wouldn't really call them hot wings because they weren't spicy. They had a unique lemony flavor with a hint of black pepper. It was really good and I think I'll be getting them again when I come back. The fries were also good. They remind me of the Belgian fries that Hop Jacks (a local pizza and beer place) serves for half the price.

All in all the, my experience there was great and I would recommend everyone to try the place. I realize now that the reason for the lack of customers was probably due to the time I went in. It was probably twenty minutes after they opened and I guess not everyone craves hot wings as early as I do. Very recently, I talked to one of my colleagues who told me that the place usually gets packed at night with the movie-going crowd since it's located near the new Bayou Rave theater. She also tells me that there is another Wing Stop in town somewhere on Mobile Highway. (If you live anywhere there, let us know what you think about that location!).

So, if you're hungry for wings or if you've just watched a movie and then become hungry for wings, then I'd highly recommend trying Wing Stop.

Here's the Stats of the Place I visited:

Wing Stop
5147 Bayou Boulevard
Pensacola, Florida32503

Phone: (850) 912-4408
URL: http://www.wingstop.com/

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